Natural Bleach Alternative: Lemon, Salt & Baking Soda (Bicarbonate Soda)

You don't have to work in fashion to know how badly chlorine bleach damages your fabric. I'm sure a lot of people have bleached their favourite white garments, tried it on only to find that it's much..

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T-Shirt Journals - Nam (P. 2)

It feels good. You can't go wrong with organic cotton. Not every t-shirt I own is organic cotton, but I'll definitely buy it again. It's a good material, and it doesn't shrink after putting it in the wash.

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YEVU West African Wax Prints

Inspired and born in Ghana, YEVU showcases a beautiful collection of West African prints.


All garments are constructed by hand in Accra in collaboration with local businesses. Their range is über colourful and ethically produced. How satisfying!

Here are some photos from their lookbook.


I visited their pop-up store in Surry Hills in October, but they sold out before I could get my hands on them. But check out this place. Doesn't it look just FUN?


We'll have another chance to snatch up their amazing gear some time near Christmas. Check back in for updates, especially if you're looking for that one amazing summer get-up!


As Return Co., we also feel strongly compelled and inspired by West Africa, and are seriously looking forward to designing a West Africa-inspired collection.

But for now, thanks to YEVU for their astonishing work in bringing us closer to an amazing culture.


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