A stream in Kyoto © Ryo Shimao Ishii 2018

WHy and what we do

Creative Collaborative Return Co. celebrates connections beyond race, nationalities, faith, gender, cultures or disabilities through creative services in Japan and the world.

Tokyo-based for a global audience, we currently offer a guest house, photography, bilingual advertising services, and high-quality t-shirts made of GOTS certified organic combed cotton, among other projects in development.

Like our logo, Return Co. seeks a world that is intertwined and interconnected across various cultures, backgrounds, and fuelled by a more sustainable and conscious production, economy, and philosophical model.

We know the only way to achieve this is through collaboration, open-mindedness, and courageously aim for authentic ‘creations’ that supports inclusivity across the globe.

Japan is known to be homogenous in its culture, and with the world also showing signs of becoming self-concerned, our goal is to address those fears and get our hearts excited once again for all that is unknown.

If you believe in gratitude, happiness, health, empathy, positivity, courage, creativity, and action, we’re pretty much already best friends. Thanks for stopping by.

Peace from TKY,

Ryo Shimao Ishii