Who we are

Why live against nature, when we can live with it?

Return Co. is a Sydney-based sustainable fashion label that specialises in high-quality, organic combed cotton t-shirts.

The brand was founded by two individuals: Nate, a designer, and Ryo, a former advertising strategist.

The two share a belief that a social enterprise fashion brand can leave a tangible mark in bridging the gap between sustainable products and quality garments, starting by making organic cotton a standard in fashion.

To achieve this, we proactively share our mission and brand with our customers, standing for a simple idea that our collective passion for creative expression and open collaboration can positively galvanise the game in fashion and beyond.

This open approach is embodied in our slogan: YOURS AND OURS.


Our Philosophy

In life, we are explorers. At the end of our exploration, we always return to where we belong with new found strength, wisdom, and gratitude for all that let us ‘be’.

Some return to their family, others to their friends. Some return to a place like the beach in your home town, while others return to a feeling like the setting sun on the horizon; a moment of panoramic gold.

Our name symbolises this exploration, a human journey of departing and returning. We personally had our struggles when we were too caught up with our ‘independent’ ventures, completely forgetting that we owe so much of our identity and passion to other things and people: our family, our friends, the community, the planet, the universe.. and when all of those things interconnect and coexist with each other, it gives us the foundations, the grounding to stand proud and follow our own unique horizons.

The name ‘Return’, symbolises our desires to reconnect with a true sense of independence, uniqueness and individuality rooted in a state of belonging. Something that makes the ‘me’ in all of us, complete.

The ‘Co.’ aspect strengthens this as a prefix for unity and mutuality, or as an abbreviation for ‘company’, representing our self-sustaining business model to achieve our social missions. 

A Perfect Circle / Two Ring Philosophy

Our logo is based on The Endless Knot: an ancient symbol that without a beginning or an end, represents the intertwining of wisdom and compassion of Buddha. Other interpretations centre around this idea of duality in existence: the giver and the receiver, the infinite and the finite.


Our logo represents The Endless Knot in a perfect circle, signifying the idea of harmony between opposing ideas, perspectives and the decisions we make.

Our Two Ring Philosophy was born for the specific aim of applying a sense of harmony in two spheres of the world: our environment and society, connected through our shared passion for creativity.


Our Environment

The perfect circle represents our interest to 100% honour the Cradle-to-Cradle design and production model as we further progress as a brand. The model effectively minimises/eradicates any environmental and labour harm throughout the lifecycle of our products.


Our Society

Humans have always lived with nature for survival and inspiration. Writers, painters, musicians; all creative explorers are bound to find an artistic connection with our natural environment and species. Humble as we are, we are no exception, and are dedicated to sharing and exploring this nature-inspired creative community through collaborations in fashion and beyond. 

Our world is full of amazing cultures that offer distinct aesthetic patterns, designs and ideas. By collaborating with creatives who experience these inspirations first hand, we are committed to connecting our customers with the world by expressing them in our aesthetic approach.

So this is our story behind our brand.

And though there is a myriad of things we do not know, we are grateful for every step we take towards knowing, doing, and creating clothing that connects us with one another.

We thank you. And we hope you continue feeling the true vibes of Return Co.


Yours with respect,

Ryo x Nate