Our opening season focusses on deriving inspiration and quality directly from nature. The vastness of nature is more than what it says, but what is. Like returning to the amazing naturescapes where our hearts flutter, this state of being, this subtle yet bold presence of nature itself is what we wanted to have embodied in our shirts.

Wear them and close your eyes. You might find that these shirts breathe with life.





Nature and life are one and the same: there is no life without nature, there is no nature without life.

All of us seek quality, meaning and inspiration in our everyday lives, and our inevitable awareness that nature has always given and nurtured our lives, means that we inherently find those things in our human connection with nature.

Imbuing these values in our garments, we believe that we can create fashion that is as vast and timeless as our inseparable connection with nature.

Our OC 100, 'Relaxed Neck' SHIZEN white and black tees directly embodies these values by making them as closely nature-made as possible. 

The OC 100 'Relaxed Neck" LOGO white and black tees further these inspiration by adorning our logo, which is inspired by the Tibetan Endless Knot and our human struggle against conflicting ideas, perspectives, and lifestyles and our valiant search for harmony despite of those conflicts.

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