T-Shirt Journals - Nam (P. 2)

Name: Nam.   Occupation: Doctor.   T-Shirt: 500Godz. Black. 100% Certified Organic Cotton.

Tell us a little about your shirt, Nam.

It's from 500Godz. I own a few shirts by them. I like the fact that all of their prints are offered in limited numbers, making them unique. You just can't get it again. It's also good that it's made of organic cotton.

What drew you to buying this particular shirt?

The design caught my attention! I'm not that into plain white, or black tees, but I've got a friend who is and he wears it because he doesn't want to make a statement. 

That's interesting. I suppose even wearing a blank t-shirt is a statement that you're not making a statement?

Yeah man, you could say that for sure.

So do you wear a t-shirt to make a statement?

I'm kind of in between. I don't want to walk around wearing something like, "FBI: Female Booby Inspector", or the ones in Chinatown that says, "Stop killing whale". I'm not brave enough to stand for grammatical errors, either.

So what's your kind of statement?

Nam Ly Design.jpg

It's a subtle statement. I like it when you have to get close and pay attention as opposed to wham *BAM* in your face.

So you get close and find a squirrel trying to blow up a city. 

Yeah, but it's not about that statement per se. I don't wanna blow up a city, it's just funny that the squirrel does.

Michelle: Like that Studio Ghibli film..

Princess Mononoke?

Michelle: Yes! And the other one with the pandas, or raccoon dogs?

Pom Poko :)

Haha, maybe he wants his home back?

The newly-weds.

The newly-weds.

If this favourite t-shirt of yours had the magical ability to always remain clean, how often would you wear it?

Oh, quite often. It's what I'm most comfortable in: the closest thing to wearing nothing

Nice! Is it a plus that this shirt is in black?

Yeah, it's the best colour. You can use it universally and match it with every pants unlike colours like green..

Isn't white also versatile?

Yeah, but black looks good with my skin tone, I guess? I find white a bit boring.

And how is the fit?

No complaints. It fits well on the shoulders, but there's still space under the arms. A little tightness around the arms is fine though.

Michelle: yes! To show off some muscles.

Haha yeah, but with space around the waist to cover my beer gut..

Michelle: your one-pack :)

Haha! And the feel?

It feels good. You can't go wrong with organic cotton. Not every t-shirt I own is organic cotton, but I'll definitely buy it again. It's a good material, and it doesn't shrink after putting it in the wash.

Awesome man. Cheers for your time brother!

No worries man.

T-Shirt Journals is our initiative to understand our customers' t-shirt needs. Everyone has a favourite t-shirt, and learning the reasons behind it (that varies so much from person to person), helps us think in/outside the box to offer the best organic combed cotton t-shirts to you now, and in the future.

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