Hemp Fitted Baseball Caps / Yosuke Kubozuka

A sweet and simple hemp caps from 7Union, LA and Tokyo. Let the photos to the talking.



The Japanese actor Yosuke Kubozuka is known for his avid support for hemp production and its environmental benefits. It seems an undeniable fact that the number of like-minded supporters are growing as we speak, much thanks to this information age.




As we continue our journey in producing great fashion with our GOTS certified organic combed cotton, we're also setting our sights to launch our own creations with the distinctly earthy-aesthetics and amazing sustainable properties of hemp in the future. 

GOTS認証 オーガニック・コームド・コットンを使ったファッションを普及させていく中、麻の持つ独特のアーシーな魅力、そして抜群にエコな特質を最大に生かした服作りにも取り組んでいきたいです。


If you have any ideas you want to see realised using the awesome powers of hemp, we're hear to listen!



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