T-Shirt Journals - Melinda (P. 3)

Name: Melinda.   Occupation: Fashion Blogger.   T-Shirt: UNIQLO x Ground Riddim. 100% Conventional Cotton.

Tell us a little about this shirt, Melinda.

My boyfriend bought it for me in Japan when I was in Geneva. He got me a guy's size t-shirt for some reason.

Well, it's kind of cute when girls wear oversized shirts. Is that why?

Probably! But it's not my style going oversize unless I'm snowboarding, so we decided to cut it into a tank, keep it comfortable but make it more feminine. Now, it's a bit more à la mode while still giving me ample room. I feel free!

Totally! Was it an easy job?

No! We didn't take any measurements and just went with the feeling. I wore the shirt while he drew the trimming lines, sur mesure, tailoring it from the hem, the sleeves, the neck, then finally adjusting the strap length.

Sweet. So that personal touch qualifies this as your favourite t-shirt?

Yes, but there's also a lot of story behind it. When my boyfriend bought it for me, I had never met him.

What, really!?

Yeah! He contacted me before leaving Japan where he was working as a photographer. One day he got in touch with me online saying that he thinks I have "an interesting face", asking me to model for him. I knew of his reputation as the photographer for the French DJ group C2C, but I was a bit hesitant cause you know.. I didn't know him. 

Pretty spontaneous of him :)

Yeah, he arrived in Geneva and stayed at my place on the first day we met, and I was still living with my mother!

Haha, hence the peace-offering of the t-shirt? 

Yeah, amongst so many other gifts.

So how do you usually style this shirt?

It's just really comfortable, so I wear it without a bra when I'm at home. When I wear it out, I wear it with a bandeau. And the grey matches with anything. I particularly like this shade of grey: in French, we call it gris chiné.

It sounds even more appealing in French. And the material feels good as well?

The material is ok. It's UNIQLO doing a band t-shirt.

Then "Hotel F***in' City Tokyo' is the title of a song?

Yeah, the song is so-so, but the artist, Chinza Dopeness is good!

What a dude. Does wearing the shirt ever remind you of this guy?

Yeah, he puts me in a 'funny' mood :)

Would you do anything more to the shirt to make it even better?

Maybe add some fake diamonds; add a little sparkle and make it more 'party'. Just make it different from other, normal tanks!

Nice! Merci beaucoup Melinda for sharing with us.

No problem!

Stay in touch with Melinda on her fashion blog:  Standinh Apparel .

Stay in touch with Melinda on her fashion blog: Standinh Apparel.

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