T-Shirt Journals - John (P. 1)

Name: John.   Occupation: Musician.   T-Shirt: Topman. Black. 100% Conventional Cotton.

John Solly Portrait.jpg

Tell us a little about this shirt.

I possibly had it for ten years. It may be a replacement, but it's something I wore to almost every gig playing in bands.

Wow. Then there's gotta be something special about it, yeah?

A black t-shirt is the laziest, easiest way to be stylish; effortlessly stylish. It offers a timeless look from the 60's, all the way up until now. It never goes out of fashion. I pretty much had the same look for the last ten years!

I actually own five black shirts, just don't like to think about it. You can put it on like a uniform.

What separates this particular shirt from your other black shirts?

This one has the most flattering cut. I like it to fit on the shoulders, but a little loose around the waist and torso but overall not too baggy.

There's actually another shirt with the same fit, but the material feels rougher and it's not as versatile for hot and cold weather as this one.

When did you buy it?

While in the army. I bought three for ten bucks, lost all the other colours but kept the black one.

Would you do anything more to it to make it even more perfect?

Not really. My standards are pretty low, I guess!

Cheers for your time brother! 

No worries at all.


T-Shirt Journals is our initiative to understand our customers' t-shirt needs. Everyone has a favourite t-shirt, and learning the reasons behind it (that varies so much from person to person), helps us think in/outside the box to offer the best organic combed cotton t-shirts to you now, and in the future.

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